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We have been providing the Educational Credential Evaluation services related to H1 B and Green Card visas, college admissions, and jobs since the year 2000. We have completed over 20,800 evaluations for our clients, who are mainly Immigration Attorneys, and Information Technology (IT) consulting companies, applicants for college admissions and state and federal government jobs.

Starting January 1, 2019 our rates are as follows:

1. Educational Evaluation: Single Degree-$80 (Ex: Bachelor's in Computer Engineering, B.E in Information Technology, High School Diploma, etc.), Two documents (Ex: B.Sc, M.Sc/MCA)-$100 (under 2 days), Three or more docs- $150 (under 2 days)

2. Education plus Work experience evaluation (Expert Opinion/Position Evaluation/Wage Level I): $500. Need at least 2-3 weeks time. Expedited service 7 days: $600. We need detailed work experience letters, proffered job title and its responsibilities, a copy of LCA, End-client name, address, Web site URL.

3. Course by Course Educational Evaluation for college Admission: Single degree: $300, two or more degrees: $400 (under 2 days, during rush period (February-April) it may take 4-5 days). With GPA the fees will be $100 more.

4. Same Day Service for education evaluations only: $100 extra, 24 hours service: $75 extra

1.  High School Equivalency (10+2) Certificate.

2.  All Degrees, Certificates, Diplomas, showing the duration of the course(s).

3.  Marks sheets for all the certificates, diplomas and degrees.

4.  Experience letters from employers stating job title, responsibilities, skills used at job, and starting and ending dates.

5.  We do not perform evaluations based on resumes. So sending your resume is optional.

6.  A copy of the first page of passport to show the full name of the candidate.

How do you pay?

You can pay the required fee by using Credit card. To use this facility please download the CreditCard authorization form by clicking the button below, send the completed form along with your education/experience documents to below address

Our Email Address:
E-Fax: 888-202-2016
Telephone: 732-777-0116


What Documents should you Email or Fax us?

Download Creditcard Authorization Here